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Keep your business running with the support of CBTS. Hosted UC offers multiple work-from-home solutions.

Enable Remote User Features - View Tutorial

Within this tutorial is information on how to use the End User Portal for setting up and configuring several user calling features. Use the left-hand menu to jump to sections that you need a refresher on and/or can assist in work-from-home situations. For example:

  • Call Forward - Forward all incoming calls to a secondary number.
  • Simultaneous Ring - Configure a secondary phone number to ring simultaneously when a user’s primary phone number rings.

Getting Started Videos

These short instructional videos will get you up and running from home with some of the more common features you will use, from setting up your voicemail to performing a blind transfer. Each of the videos will walk you through a step-by-step process of each feature. When you're ready, get started with these common features:


Webex is a full-service collaboration tool where you can message, call, and meet from anywhere, using any device. Here are some helpful how-to guides for using Webex:


UC-One is a collaboration app that lets you make and receive calls from your business number and message with employees from any device. It combines softphone functionality and messaging in a single, easy-to-use cloud app that integrates with your business.

For a quick reference sheet for using your UC-One client, click here.

End User

The following End User video tutorials offer extensive demonstrations of features and functions for your devices. Learn how to best use the End User Portal and other business applications available to you and much more. The following videos are the most commonly used features and functions within the End User Portal:


If you are calling to access your voice mailbox from a remote location, call your direct dial phone number (this is the direct dial number assigned to your phone).

When you hear the greeting, press the star key . You will be prompted for your VM passcode.

Follow the prompts, then press 1 to access your voice mailbox. Your Voice Mailbox is where all your messages and greetings are stored.*

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